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Crimes Against Children

Hearing about a crime against a child can make anyone cringe. Violent and sex crimes are taboo, and the accused is oftentimes presumed guilty even with overwhelming evidence to the contrary. An accusation of a crime against a child will turn your life into a living nightmare. Steckel Law provides an aggressive and experienced defense so you don’t have to face these charges yourself.

Crimes against children include felonies such as child molestation, internet crimes, stalking, rape, abuse, public lewdness, and others. Many of these crimes are psychological in nature and occur without the use of any weapon. Cyber crimes are becoming more prevalent every day, and an innocent defendant may be looking at concurrent sentences for multiple crimes in a very short time.

Any adult in a position of working with children must distance himself or herself from becoming too friendly or close with a child. A friendly and sincere attitude can be misinterpreted for an unwanted gesture. Teachers, coaches, medical professionals, priests, and babysitters are adults that work around children and can be charged falsely in the blink of an eye. Even divorcing parents can be victims of revenge with children being the real victims, caught in the middle of feuding parents.

Do not think your life is over if this happens to you. Seeking the best criminal defense attorney in Illinois or Iowa who specializes in child crimes is of the utmost urgency. If questioned by the police, it is your right to ask to speak to an attorney before discussing any charges.

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When you call Steckel Law, rest assured that attorney John Steckel will handle your case personally, and he will efficiently build a case against any child crime charges in federal or state court. He has experience working as a prosecutor, and he does not back down from any challenge the prosecutor’s office presents in the courtroom. Call Steckel Law for a free initial consultation at (563) 265-1714 or use the web form for an immediate response.