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Wrongful Death

Deaths due to medical malpractice, birth injury, defective product or drug exposure are just a few of the many examples of wrongful death. If your loved one was a victim of wrongful death, then you may entitled to monetary compensation for your loss and pain and suffering. As a survivor of the deceased, you may have to file a lawsuit to receive reimbursement for your pecuniary loss. A pecuniary damage is the monetary reimbursement for the loss of wages, financial support, medical bills, funeral costs or other costs and losses you endured due to your loved one’s death.

Proving Negligence and Misconduct

Ultimately, a wrongful death is due to the negligence or misconduct on behalf of an individual, group or company. While there are many factors taken into consideration in a wrongful death lawsuit, there needs to be evidence proving that the defendant used negligence or misconduct, therefore causing the death. While many people in the U.S. file wrongful death lawsuits, proving negligence or misconduct is usually the most complicated and intricate part of the process. This is why it is imperative to have a knowledgeable attorney representing you. As a Quad City wrongful death law firm, we are familiar with the court system and negligent laws in Davenport, Bettendorf, Moline and Rock Island as well as the surrounding areas. We will use our experience to provide you with the representation that you need and deserve. You can feel confident knowing we will guide you throughout the entire legal process.

Experienced Quad City Wrongful Death Law Firm

Coping with the loss of a loved one is difficult enough. You should not have to suffer financially due to the loss of your family member. At Steckel Law, we will protect and fight for your rights in your time of need. Many different circumstances fall under wrongful death. Each case is unique and equally important to us at Steckel Law. We pride ourselves on providing the Quad City area with effective legal representation. Please contact us at Steckel Law today at (563) 265-1714 to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.