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Bicycle Accidents

Most bicycle riders understand that when they go out onto the open road, they can be entering a world of danger. The unprotected nature of bike riding makes the users of these smaller vehicles a lot more vulnerable to all of the risks of the road, which can look a lot more threatening from a bicycle seat.

Some of the things that pose so much potential danger to bikers are things that other drivers take for granted. Drivers often act aggressively or get distracted behind the wheel, talking on cell phones, texting or hunting for items on the passenger seat. Some drivers simply don’t take care to share the road appropriately, either because they don’t know the local laws for bicycle safety, or because they simply disregard the safety of others. Bigger vehicles are built with the ability to move offensively, and bicycles aren’t. Although states have made bike safety laws to protect human-powered transportation, some drivers don’t know that these laws exist. Numerous drivers do not always follow rules such as leaving adequate space for bicycles in traffic lanes. Too many bicycle enthusiasts can tell stories of close calls or sideswipes that actually landed them in a health care facility. Even the smallest bike injuries can add up in terms of cost, and when an unlucky biker collides with a larger vehicle driven a negligent party, he or she may want to rely on a qualified personal injury lawyer to seek the compensation needed for paying resulting medical bills and other costs.

Helping Quad City Bicycle Accident Victims

In the Quad Cities, including Davenport, Bettendorf, Moline, Rock Island and the surrounding areas, bicyclists can rely on the experience of our bicycle accident lawyer at Steckel Law. Attorney John Steckel can build an effective personal injury case when driver error or other factors cause harm. If you or someone you love has suffered injury in a bicycle accident, our dedicated and knowledgeable attorney can assist you. We have helped countless individuals and families in Iowa and Illinois personal injury cases. If you have questions about a personal injury claim, call Steckel Law today at (563) 265-1714 to schedule a free consultation.