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Drug Charges

Navigating the Illinois, Iowa and Federal Courts Drug Crime Process

Drug laws are complicated.  You cannot face any kind of drug offense on your own when your freedom and future are at stake. This is why it is imperative that you contact an experienced trial attorney as soon as possible.  Attorney John Steckel is a former prosecutor who has trained and worked with law enforcement. He understands their tactics to be able to identify where the  weak points are in the prosecution’s case.

Illinois, Iowa and Federal Drug Crime Defense

No one should violate your rights, which is why there are many laws that exist to protect them.  When law enforcement violates your rights, any evidence obtained as a result of this illegal activity may be “suppressed” or not allowed to be used as evidence against you.  Police conduct that may be in violation of your rights includes:

  • Stopping your vehicle for no reason
  • Illegal Searches
  • BadSearch Warrants
  • Failing to read you yourMiranda Rights
  • Failing to properly secure confiscated evidence orchain of custody issues

As an experienced and knowledgeable trial lawyer, John Steckel of Steckel Law protects your rights and provides you with the aggressive representation you will need. Contact Steckel Law today to schedule a consultation to discuss your drug crime case.