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Juvenile Crimes

A parent of a child under age 18 knows all too well the challenges our children face today. Children make mistakes, and it is our job to help them make the right choices in the future.

Children and adults receive different treatment when they break the law. The justice system opts to rehabilitate those who have committed juvenile crimes instead of placing them in jail. A knowledgeable child crime attorney can suggest alternate sentences such as community service as an effective way to handle punishment for the offenses

Juvenile crimes are the same type as adult crimes except for the punishment. Property crimes, sex crimes, drug use, violent crimes, DUI/OWI, and other traffic offenses are common offenses. As a parent, you may be responsible in Illinois and Iowa for crimes your child has committed. A criminal defense attorney who has experience in juvenile court is essential.

The police and investigators must honor your child’s right to an attorney before or during questioning. Before speaking with law enforcement, your child should speak to an experienced juvenile crimes attorney. An attorney will ensure the police followed proper protocol and that the evidence is strong enough to build a case against your child.

Remain calm, and listen to your child’s entire story without making any judgment. Request to speak with an attorney before your child speaks with the police. Write down everything your child remembers, including witness information, location of the incident, time and names of involved parties. Hold off on reacting with anger. Your child needs you now.

Your child’s future depends on how successful your juvenile crime attorney is at reducing or dismissing the charges. The chances are slim that appearing in court alone will enable you to fight for a judgment in your favor. Trust a juvenile crimes lawyer to discuss all of your options.

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