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Traffic Violations

The majority of drivers may not think of traffic violations as a major part of criminal defense law. However, across the country, thousands of individuals receive charges each year of a wide range of traffic violations including reckless driving, DUI/DWI infractions and others that revolve around decreased safety on the road. All of us share the road and want it to be safe, but the other side of this issue is that the results of traffic violations can cause serious hardship for someone who loses the ability to drive. Criminal penalties for traffic violations must be fair, correctly applied and proportionate to the extent of the offense. That’s why drivers charged with different kinds of traffic violations often rely on professional lawyers in order to make sure they don’t suffer from excessive consequences stemming from a traffic stop or violation.

Professional criminal defense lawyers who help clients deal with traffic violations know that what’s on the police report is not always the full story. A lot of leeway for law enforcement officers leads to some cases of incorrect processing, improper citations and other issues surrounding a traffic violation charge. Those who represent drivers who face the potentially high penalties of serious traffic violation charges look to provide the best research and fact-finding to determine whether the charge and the citation are fair, correctly applied and supported by fact. In some cases, a simple contestation of a traffic violation reveals that the whole implementation of a charge against a driver was built on shaky ground. So much of many roadside citations and arrests is based on the judgment of an individual law enforcement officer that it’s critical to have judicial processes for appeal in order to ensure that justice is the final result of a traffic violation case.

If you or someone you love has been charged with a traffic violation, call Steckel Law. I provide aggressive representation for individuals facing traffic violation charges. If you have questions about the laws that govern traffic violations in Illinois or Iowa and want to know your legal options, contact me today.