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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle drivers generally know that when they leave their driveways, they take on more than their share of risk. Operating two-wheeled vehicles in heavy traffic can be quite dangerous. Motorcyclists may take all of the proper precautions, but they still face many outside threats. One of these is the general lack of education of some drivers who simply fail to understand how to share the road with smaller vehicles. Driver distraction including using cell phones and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs also contributes to risk, and this threatens motorcycle riders more than it does the average motorist.

Other challenges that motorcyclists face include cases of malfunctioning motorcycles or faulty parts, which can lead to serious accidents. Another area of risk revolves around unsafe roads. Whether it’s poor grading, inadequate signage, bad sight distances at intersections or any other inattention to public safety, unsafe roads can be a significant part of what causes a motorcycle accident injury.

Motorcycle accident injury victims often need assistance in pursuing a lawsuit against a negligent party. An accurate police report can help, but motorcycle accident victims encounter challenges when contacting different parties involved in the accident. That’s when those who have sustained injuries on the road rely on professional legal representation from personal injury lawyers that understand traffic law in the states of Illinois and Iowa. When the costs of an accident can get out of hand so quickly, it’s important to have a qualified personal injury attorney to help plan a strategy for seeking the compensation you deserve under the law.

Helping Quad City Motorcycle Accident Victims

If a motorcycle accident near Davenport, Bettendorf, Moline, Rock Island or other Quad Cities areas in Illinois or Iowa has injured you, our Quad City motorcycle accident lawyer at Steckel Law has the experience and resources necessary to help you recover damages. We give each client and case our full attention and help you choose the best course of action. Call John Steckel at (563) 265-1714 today to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.